Fun Balance Activities For Preschoolers

Fun Ways To Work on a Preschooler’s Balance While At Home 

Balance is one of the basic fundamental aspects in a preschooler’s development. It helps them to develop their reactive skills and control for all activities during play. Working on a preschoolers balance will help them to achieve milestones such as jumping, hopping and galloping.  Balance is essential for a child’s ability to climb stairs, kick a ball and walk on uneven terrain.

There are several ways to help a child work on their balance while at home, that are both fun and easy.  Most of these items we use with our children on an everyday basis.

Play-Doh Pancake Game

Roll your Play-Doh up into a ball while having your child stand in front.  Squash the Play-Doh with one foot  into a pancake while balancing on the other foot. The Play-Doh can be placed on the floor or on a step stool in front of them to make it more challenging.  Try doing this multiple times on one side and then repeat on other side.

Popping Bubbles 

Mom or Dad will catch the bubbles on the wand, while having their child stand on one foot and popping the bubbles with the other foot (do this over a large blanket or towel if doing inside so the floor does not become slippery), repeat on the other side – This can be done inside or outside.


Balancing on Pillow Cushion

Have your child kneel on a pillow with one foot in front and put colorforms on your glass door or low window.  Another option would be to place magnets on an easel, refrigerator, or metal door.

Bean Bag Toss

Line up plastic containers/bins of varying sizes into a straight line and place a bean bag, pot holder or small stuffed animal in front of the bins.  Place the object on top of their foot and lift foot to place it into the bin. Alternate feet

I hope these ideas help both parents and caregivers when trying to keep their children active at home, as well as helping them to improve their balance and postural stability. 

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