Programs that can foster the growth of your

Programs geared towards essential growth for your child

Over the years we have put together some programs that foster the growth of your child. 
From the Free tummy time classes to the wellness groups that help your child move from the individual therapy they have grown to love over the years, to the group setting that will help them as they continue to grow physically.

TummyTime Classes (learn how to play with your child in a
therapeutic way)


Although it may not seem like it, Tummy Time is essential.

Babies spend lots of time on their backs, sleeping and lounging in swings and bouncy seats.  Tummy Time changes the baby’s world view and provides mental and physical stimulation essential for healthy infant development.

Wellness Classes (healthy living)


Is your child clumsy and falling a lot and you are worried that they are losing their confidence?

Our specialized treatments are offered by pediatric physical therapists, the movement experts. We will educate parents on underlying factors that may lead to their child’s clumsiness…

Birthday Parties


If you’re looking for the best backyard fun for your child’s special day, you’ve come to the right place! 

Developmental Steps has perfected the ultimate backyard birthday party and specializes in Obstacle Courses, Gymnastics, Field Day Games, Sports, Ninja Fitness, Toddler Games and much more.