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Helping children thrive and reach their goals.... Step-by-step

Helping children thrive
and reach their goals....

Pediatric Physical Therapy Port Chester


Developmental Steps offers physical therapy for children of all ages, ranging from newborn to school age.

We provide comprehensive assessments followed by individualized treatments designed to meet your child’s unique needs in order to promote active participation at home, in school, and in the community.

We strive to enhance the lives of each child to allow them to develop the confidence to interact, function, and perform at an age-appropriate level with their peers. 

Our fun, supportive and playful environment encourages and challenges each child to reach his or her personal best.

Our clinicians impart their therapeutic knowledge to families and caregivers, providing step-by-step carryover exercises that allow for the exponential development of our young patients at home.

We strive to build strong, collaborative partnerships with each child’s medical providers, providing updates to the various providers involved in each child’s care.

Developmental Steps leads the way for Pediatric Physical Therapy in Port Chester and Mount Kisco, NY. 

We also service children in Westchester and Connecticut including Armonk, Bedford, Chappaqua, Greenwich, Harrison, Katonah, Larchmont, Mamaroneck, New Canaan, Pound Ridge, Purchase, Ridgefield, Rye, Rye Brook, Stamford, and White Plains.

Our staff is dedicated to secure insurance exemptions, allowing families to utilize their in-network benefits whenever possible.


Assessment & Plan

We will evaluate your child to determine what their needs are while formulating the best way to make big breakthroughs every week by providing fun, immersive and consistent therapy.

Torticollis & Plagiocephaly

Learn the best ways to support your child’s symmetrical neck movements and optimal positioning for reducing the flat spot on your child’s head. You don’t want your child to be stuck looking only to one side.

Infant & Toddler Gross Motor Delays

If your child is challenged from developmental issues, we can help! Individualized one on one sessions work to develop strength and coordination in order to achieve motor milestonesand avoid future problems.

Core Strength & Conditioning

When the core muscles are not working in conjunction with one another your child may be perceived as clumsy. We provide a fun and challenging environment for your child to avoid this tag and become more confident.

Motor Coordination

In order to excel at any activity your child will need to have some proficiency at hand/eye or bilateral coordination. We provide strategies and progressions in our sessions and Home Exercise programs to optimize this and help them succeed.

See What Our Amazing Clients Are Saying

As a pediatrician I recommend Developmental Steps frequently.

I have always had wonderful feedback about all of their providers! In addition they are highly professional and dedicated to providing excellent care. I could not recommend them more highly.

Dr. Allison Neid

Developmental Steps is a magical place.

 It is a place where your child and family can find amazing advice and guidance for getting through life challenges and it is a place for your child to grow and achieve their full potential…

Patricia, Mother of 17 year old
boy with Cerebral Palsy

Hayley and her entire team are my heroes.

My 18.5 month old has grown leaps and bounds in just a few short weeks because of Hayley’s expertise, care, and dedication. She was able to immediately identify what was holding my daughter back from walking,

Jennifer Bursky Brauntuch, Mother of 18 month old

Success Story

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Programs Geared Towards Essential Growth For Your Child

Over the years we have put together some programs that foster the growth of your child. 

From the Free tummy time classes to the wellness groups that help your child move from the individual therapy they have grown to love over the years, to the group setting that will help them as they continue to grow physically.

Tummytime Class

Babies spend lots of time on their backs, sleeping and lounging in swings and bouncy seats. Tummy Time changes the baby’s world view and provides mental and physical stimulation essential for healthy infant development.


Our specialized treatments are offered by pediatric physical therapists, the movement experts. We will educate parents on underlying factors that may lead to their child’s clumsiness…

Birthday parties

Developmental Steps has perfected the ultimate backyard birthday party and specializes in Obstacle Courses, Gymnastics, Field Day Games, Sports, Ninja Fitness, Toddler Games and much more.


Gross Motor Skills Checklist


More Amazing Client Stories

We trust Joe and Hayley without reservation and our son has benefited from their expertise and support. We could not be more grateful.

We found Joe Kiefer and Developmental Steps when our son was two years old and severely delayed. Joe taught him how to sit up, crawl, stand, balance, weight shift, walk with a walker, walk with crutches, dress, safely navigate school and home environment, and more. Joe patiently and expertly has been training him and working with him through developmental milestones for the past 14 years. Thanks to Joe and Hayley, our son has not stopped becoming more independent, stronger, and more determined. Even when we had to move to another state for two years, we coordinated trips back to town with appointments with Joe to get his feedback and plan future treatment.
Nellie Harasimowicz, Mother of 15 year old boy

Joe at Development Steps is fantastic!

He treated my son for Torticollis, starting at 4.5 months. He was very clear about his treatment plan and stuck to it. He also provided helpful, objective feedback to questions and concerns I had around wearing a DOC band. Joe gave detailed instructions on how to work with my son at home to ensure his treatment moved ahead rapidly. He was eager to answer questions and allowed me to take videos during our sessions in order to have visuals to reference. The facility itself is very clean (with strict Covid-19 protocols in place) and has high quality equipment and the very best toys. We did a lot of hard work, but my son still had fun every time we were there. We have achieved all of the goals we set out to reach and I couldn’t be happier with our experience!

Joanna De Fina, Mother of 5 month old boy

A huge shout out to developmental Steps, physical therapy for my 8 year old!

 She has flat feet and before we started, she would constantly complain about back pain and tired legs. It was stopping her from playing. I went to her pediatrician who said not to worry AND I went to a podiatrist who just said to use orthotics, which she said hurt even worse. I KNEW something more needed to be done, but no one would listen to me. Finally, a friend suggested a PT evaluation. At the eval, they validated my feelings and laid out a plan. It was the first time I felt heard. We got great orthotics that make her feet feel happy AND worked on exercises to strengthen her legs and core to actually correct the problem, not just treat the symptom. Now, she can fully be a kid. I’m so thankful!!

Lynn Trotta, Mother of 8 year old girl