Encouraging Proper Posture During Distance Learning  & Build Your Own Tablet Stand!

During this time of distance learning, I wanted to give parents some tips on how to show your children proper posture while spending this extra time in front of the computer screen or tablet. As children become comfortable, it can become very easy for them to develop a slumped posture, lay down or sit on the couch while learning during screen time. This can lead to neck pain, headaches, sore muscles and even impact their concentration and ability to learn. 

Here are some guidelines for proper positioning:

  • They should sit up straight while keeping their hips, knees and ankles bent at 90 degrees
  • Tablet or screen should be directly in front of the child, a few inches above eye level
  • Sit at least 20 inches (arms length) away from screen

Take a Break – 

I would recommend taking a break every 30 minutes and have your child stretch his/her neck by trying to bring their ear to their shoulder on the same side and hold for a count of 10 on each side. Also, have them make circles with their head in both clockwise and counterclockwise motion, 5 times on each side to help loosen up their neck muscles. 

Using a Table or Counter –

If your child is doing their distance learning at a table or counter, instead of a desk where their feet do not touch the floor or are too low in the seat, there are a few ways in which you can place your child in the best possible position.

  •  Place a book or cushion on their chair, which will elevate them to a proper height. Alternatively, as I do for my son, I have him sit in a booster seat.
  • Prop up the tablet or computer so that it is at eye level and straight in front of your child. We have an iPad pillow that we use to add some height to the tablet. You can place a book behind the tablet or lean it against something so that it is not flat on the table and your child isn’t looking down.

Check out the video below. Jackson shows parents and kids how to build their own tablet stand using Legos!

  • If your child’s feet do not touch the floor you can place a step stool or a block/box under their feet in order to keep their hips and knees at 90 degrees. 
  • Laying/sitting on a bean bag chair with head support with an iPad resting on a pillow on the child’s lap. 

Please continue to stay safe and healthy everyone! 

I understand that we all have a lot going on and the circumstances of learning or working from home are not always optimal.  I am hoping these few tips can help to make your child comfortable while performing distance learning and hopefully prevent any other complications or issues for the future.

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