Kids Are Not Developing Appropriately – Not hitting baby milestones. What Can You Do?

More and more infants, as well as kids, are not developing in strength, coordination and balance as well as they should. Baby milestones indicate the health of a child’s growth. The problem is becoming worse and worse lately, causing parents to worry and stress.

Baby milestones are important.

If your child is not hitting their appropriate milestones, read this entire article and watch video.

baby milestones
Kids not developing appropriately

Watch the video below to learn more about what you can do if your child is having physical issues with strength, coordination, or development.  Your child can be motivated by play to achieve the activity that they are challenged with. Baby milestones can be reached with strategic physical play.  From new born to teenagers, see what you can do to help your child achieve their highest potential.  Find out what developmental delay is, some milestones that they should achieve, and what you can do about it.  Child Physical Therapy is FUN!  Results can occur quicker than you think!

If your child is not progressing through the normal and expected developmental baby milestones, call us immediately. See the chart below for some developmental milestones.

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