The Confident Child : At What Cost?

Confident Child: What does it cost to help my child become more Confident?

More and More parents are finding their child is not confident when interacting with their peers.  They often ask “What does it cost to help my child become more Confident?”

The cost is both monetary and future potential of your child.  We will get into the monetary cost later in the article.  You cannot put a cost on the future potential of your child.

You have to ask yourself these questions:

  • Have they gotten frustrated during team sports?
  • Do they sit around and play video games all day?
  • Do they have trouble sitting through dinner or doing their homework?
  • Are they always tired?
  • Do they have trouble paying attention in class?

What is your next move?

  1. Start doing fun strengthening/coordination exercises with your child. For examples and videos go to our website at developmentalsteps.com. Click on Video
  2. Come to our next FREE workshop “How to Safely Increase Strength and Coordination”
  3. If either of these do not work for your child or for a more individualized program you can schedule an appointment. 914-939-6400.

Why should you do this?  Build a Confident Child!

  • So both you and your child do not get frustrated with what your expectations are, Make it fun!
  • To help your child’s emotional development.  Physical Activity helps to reduce stress and anxiety in children.
  • The American Heart Association Recommends 60 minutes of Aerobic Activity Daily for children.  Promote their health through physical activity. Your child’s natural tendency is to be active. Feeling confident about his or her abilities builds self-esteem, and staying fit decreases the risk of serious illnesses later in life.

What is the cost?

  • Free : Go to our website and follow some of the videos.
  • FREE : Come to our next Free workshop.
  • FREE : Put down the device and play tag with them outside, make it FUN!!




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