Developmental MilestonesDevelopmental Milestones

What to look for in your Child’s developmental milestones to see if they are achieving their gross motor developmental milestones:

4-6 month range milestones:          

  • Lifts head and chest when lying on stomach
  • Turns around when lying on stomach

6-9 month range milestones:            

  • Rolls over from back to stomach
  • Sits alone, steady without support
  • Grasps toy and returns to sitting

9-12 month range milestones:          

  • Moves from stomach to sitting position
  • Crawls around on hands and knees
  • Walks around furniture or crib while holding on

12-18 month range milestones :        

  • Stands without support
  • Picks up a toy and returns to standing
  • Walks without help, walks fast or Runs

18-24 month range milestones:      

  • Kicks ball forward, runs well, seldom falls
  • Walks up stairs holding on, jumps in place

2-2 ½ year range milestones:          

  • Walks up and down stairs alone
  • Climbs on play equipment-ladders/slides
  • Stands on one foot without support

2 ½ – 3 year range milestones:        

  • Walks up and down stairs one foot per step
  • Jumps down from a step and jumps over obstacles

3 – 3 ½ year range milestones:      

  • Rides around on tricycle using pedals

3 ½ – 4 year range milestones:        

  • Hops on one foot without support

4 – 5 year range milestones:            

  • Alternating skipping pattern develops

5 – 6 year range milestones:            

  • Ball skills of throwing a tennis ball to the wall and catching it


If your child is not attaining these skills in an acceptable range speak to a pediatric physical therapist to find ways to improve your child’s achievement of development milestones.


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