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Physical Disability Can Be Helped

More and more kids are having physical issues and disability today that can be helped. In this article we will talk about some of the different types of problems occurring and how to get help.

physical disability

From the time kids are infants there are many challenges that they face that will affect them for the rest of their lives.


Torticollis In Infants

is a challenge that can be addressed early through parent education and positioning.

-Developmental Delay:


-Low Tone : Children with low tone are often avoiding play on the playground, get frustrated in sports, and are having trouble in class with keeping attention/writing activities.  While we don’t need our children to finish first, we do need them to be confident in what they do.  A little physical therapy, parent education and exercises at home can go a long way to boosting their confidence.

3 Signs

-Motor Planning issues: Children with motor planning issues have difficulty formulating how they want to carry out completing something they want to do.  It can be something that impacts them as seriously as walking across the living room or how to tie their shoelace.  You can do something about it rather then having them become frustrated or you yelling at them.

Cerebral Palsy: Children with Cerebral Palsy may be affected by all of the above issues.  They can achieve much more than you think with the right team in place.

Whether your child is in need of regular Physical Therapy, Home Exercises, or just parent education Developmental Steps can guide you through these uncertain times


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