What Causes Infant Torticollis?

Dr. Hayley Apiscopa Torticollis Expert in Port Chester and Mount Kisco, NY

why do babies develop infant torticollis?
Infant Torticollis

Infant Torticollis is becoming more and more common.

With some babies, Infant Torticollis is noticed at birth, due to their positioning in the womb. For others, it is caused by trauma during delivery. Most commonly, Infant Torticollis is noticed after birth due to spending extended periods of time on their back in the carrier, infant seat, and swing.  This can also lead to a developmental delay.

If these babies have a preferred direction he/she tilts their neck to, laying in these devices encourages them to repeatedly tilt their head. Over time, this turns into muscle tightness and sometimes plagiocephaly (flattening on the back side of the head).

Attention Parents: What can you do?

  1. Tummy time over a Boppy pillow or blanket roll during all awake times during the day.
  2. Spend less time on his/her back in seats and swings during awake time.
  3. Seek a Pediatric Physical Therapy Evaluation to learn positioning and stretching techniques to help your baby!

Don’t wait!!! The EARLIER Infant Torticollis is detected and treated, the shorter the treatment time necessary to achieve symmetrical head posture for your baby.

See our future blogs with more positioning and treatment ideas to help your baby with Infant Torticollis at developmentalsteps.com

Written by: Hayley Apiscopa, DPT

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