How to Help Infant Torticollis?

Infant Torticollis is tightness in one side of the neck, and many times the baby tilts their head in one direction and turns to the opposite direction. As a parent what can you do???

Ask yourself these 3 questions:

1. What side is my baby tilting their head toward, their right or their left?

If your baby is tilting toward the right side, your goal is to have their head move toward the left side. Below is a picture of a carrying hold which encourages opening up the neck and tilting away from the tight side. (If your baby is tilting toward the left side, you will hold them facing the opposite direction)


2. Is my baby also turning their head toward one direction?

If your baby is frequently turning their head toward the left, your goal is to encourage them to turn their head toward the right side. For example, in the bath seat sit them so they are looking toward the right to look at you.  In the carrier or stroller, hang toys on the right side to encourage them to look in that direction. On the changing table, as well, place them so they are looking toward the right side to look at you.

3. Is my baby developing flattening on one side of the back of their head?

If the answer is YES, do more tummy time over a Boppy pillow or blanket roll during all awake times during the day.  Also, have your baby spend less time on their back in seats and swings during awake time.

Implement these recommendations immediately and seek a Pediatric Physical Therapy Evaluation to learn more about proper positioning and stretching techniques to help your baby!

infant torticollis

Don’t wait!!! The EARLIER Infant Torticollis is detected and treated, the shorter the treatment time necessary to achieve symmetrical head posture for your baby.

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