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Sports Problems? Low Tone Kids


The problem with low tone kids is that their core muscles don’t support them well. This can cause problems with sitting still and focusing at school, coordination problems with sports, and more.

Low Tone Kids
Why is my child having trouble with sports?


Are they saying why can’t I do it?  Does your child avoid activities? Do they Sit and play games instead of running and jumping?  Do they have difficulty sitting still?  Do you find yourself carrying them because they have tired out too quickly?  Do they W-sit (sitting between their legs not cross legged like their peers)? You can’t get them outside to play!!  

Video games and computers enhance this sedentary (Low Tone Kids) lifestyle.

There are many reasons why a child can have difficulty on the ball field (baseball, softball, soccer, football among others)

One of the most common reasons why is low core strength or low muscle tone.

That is what this article will focus on.   Think of a child’s body as a house, if the frame of the  house is made of toothpicks then the foundation is unsteady and cannot stand tall.  If the frame of the house is made of 2×4’s then the walls can stay up and support the roof.  Similarly when a child’s core is weak (made of toothpicks) then they will have trouble with stability, eye hand/foot coordination, endurance, generating force (for a jump), sitting posture (for learning in school), fine motor and writing activities.  When a child develops core strength and stability they will start to demonstrate improved sitting posture, eye hand/foot coordination, endurance, better gross motor skills and fine motor skills.  One of the greatest byproducts of this is the improved confidence your child will have.  When a child has confidence it comes across in so many other areas than just on the sports field.  Your child will show this confidence in the classroom (sitting up for longer periods of time as just one example) and in their relationships with their peers.

Activities with your child can help boost core strength and subsequently their confidence.  You can learn some of these activities by following us on Facebook (Developmental Steps, LLC) and learning the Exercise of the Week!  If this does not quite provide you with the answer you were looking for you can contact us Developmentalsteps.com for an introductory offer!


Low Tone Kids

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