Step By Step Guide: How to Teach Your Child to Ride a Bike Without Tears!

If you have a child that is interested in learning how to ride a bicycle without training wheels, the information below may be helpful for you. Recently, Hayley and Rebecca both helped their sons successfully learn to ride their bikes in their own yards and driveway with minimal tears and no major bumps or scrapes. The timing is perfect as we are all home now and can focus on this.

What Was Stopping Them?

Daniel (8) and Jackson (7), were finally ready to ride! For Daniel, he was scared of falling and was more concerned about when someone was going to let go of the bike. This fear was a major distraction. However, for Jackson his fear was falling in front of others and hurting himself. 

Start On the Grass

Both boys learn about balancing by riding their bikes on grass. This provided a softer surface in case they fell and kept the speed down. They started off coasting on the grass down a slight incline and holding their feet off of the pedals. For Jackson, he was trying to constantly beat his time for how long he was able to balance down the incline. First it was 4 seconds and then with multiple tries he achieved 16 seconds!

As they became more comfortable on the grass, the boys were instructed to balance with their feet on the pedals down a slight incline. Once that was successful, they pedaled down the incline on the grass with us spotting them. They got used to the idea of pedaling and there was less focus on the balancing. After a few tries, the next step was to try this on blacktop. 

Next Came The Pedals and Pavement

Daniel became apprehensive about riding on his own without an adult holding him. Rebecca had Daniel practice putting his foot down to stop the bike from leaning. By tilting the bike side to side, while he was sitting on it. This helped him get used to the idea of relying on himself to balance and stop himself from falling. From there, he took off on his own!

Jackson liked the idea of his parents helping him start off and he transitioned to riding on pavement with them letting go while he was pedaling. His parents ran alongside and guarded him to keep it successful.  Jackson loved the idea of having a distance goal. He would choose a mailbox he wanted to get to and once he did that he would choose another mailbox further away, and next thing he knew he was riding around the neighborhood!

Off They Go!

If you have a child that is interested in learning how to ride a two-wheeler, Follow this step by step guide and your child will become a bike rider too! Jackson and Daniel are confident, strong bike riders and you child will become one too!

Double click on the image below for our Step By Step Guide to get started.

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