What Does Self-Care Look Like for Parents of Kids With Disabilities? Developmental Steps Can Help!

If you are a parent that has a child with disabilities, chances are you understand how important self-care is – and is often easier said than done.

As parents, most of us tend to put our children and family first, leaving little time and effort to invest in ourselves. Yet, if we do not take care of us, who will? Emotionally and physically exhausted parents are not what our kids need!

Self-care does not necessarily consist of spending the day at the spa (although that would be a great day of self-care). Self-care does not always require a babysitter (although that would be ideal). Self-care can be done in small pockets of time throughout the day by doing small things that can make a big difference in your life.

We reached out to parents in our community and let them know that Developmental Steps wants to help!

Karin Voss-Ruiz, LMT, CST will be available for 20 minute chair massage appointments in both our Mount Kisco and Port chester offices. On the FIRST MONDAY of each month, Karin will be available for appointments in our Mount Kisco office and on the FIRST TUESDAYS of the month in the Port Chester office.

Karin is trained in a variety of therapies and will assess and use the most appropriate techniques to identify potential causes of pain or stress and decrease their effect on your well-being. 

“When your child is being treated by one of our therapists, you can reward yourself during that time with a massage,” said Joseph Keifer, MPT and co-owner of Developmental Steps, LLC. “It’s your time, without worrying about carving out extra time in an already busy schedule. It’s a win-win!” 

Karin will be offering 20 minute massage appointments on Monday afternoons in Mount Kisco and Tuesdays in Port Chester for a special price of $40.  

Appointments are being scheduled for Monday December 1st starting at 3:00pm and Tuesday December 2nd in Port Chester, starting at 2:00 pm. To sign up, please visit developmentalsteps.com/massage .

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