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I’m so glad I took my baby to a Tummy Time Class

MY BABY and Tummy Time!

Hello to all the new moms and dads out there. Let me tell you, between feeding, changing and sleeping, I barely had time to think about Tummy Time. My name is Catherine, I am a new mom to Oliver.  My three month old is on strike when it comes to Tummy Time. While I did know Tummy Time is important, it became an impossible task because he screamed every time I attempted it. I am starting to worry because I noticed some flattening on one side of his head as well as one arm being a little stronger than the other. I came across a Facebook ad for a free tummy time class and thought it sounded interesting.


I did some quick research on the location, Port Chester, and was thrilled as it was not too far from me.  I RSVP’d through their website and my boy and I were ready for our Tummy Time adventure.  When Oliver and I first arrived, I was greeted by the receptionist and in a few short minutes, we were was escorted to the clean, open gym area. There were about 8 other moms with babies up to five months or so.

The Therapist

Hayley, introduced herself and told us she has been practicing pediatric physical therapy for 14 years, so I’m impressed. After everyone introduced themselves, we got to work. She showed us some great ways to help with Tummy Time using things I had at home, including a receiving blanket and even by letting Oliver rest on my chest. Just a few tiny modifications, while he was a little fussy, it was no where near the protests we had before. Hayley had some great toys on hand to engage the babies with – some of which I have!  This helps with Tummy Time and even helps him get stronger.
While we were playing with our babies, and socializing a bit, Hayley spent a minute or so answering each mom’s questions or concerns. When it was my turn, she took a look at Oliver’s head and she confirmed there was some flattening as well as some tightening of his neck muscles. She suggested I come in for an evaluation, which I scheduled for this week. I walked out of there feeling a bit more confident and with a new friend.
So, if you have a baby, or know someone who does, keep an eye out for these Tummy Time classes. I met some great moms and Hayley was knowledgeable and easy to talk to. They hold a free class every month in either their Mount Kisco or Port Chester office. I am so glad Oliver and I checked it out. They also have some great information on their website.

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