Too Cold to Play Outside?

It is Not Too Cold To Play Outside!!  Fall is here which means winter is not far away, bringing with it cold dreary afternoons.  Too cold to go outside to play, right?  Wrong!  Going outside to play in the summer seems to be a “no-brainer.” We all know that playing outside is good for our kids.  When it comes to the winter months parents seem to be a little more reluctant to have their children play outdoors.  There are a lot of “real” benefits for your children when they play outside, especially in the cold.


Outside Play Even in the Cold

Builds Up their Immune System (even cold play outside). What are the typical things we find when outside?  Dirt, animals, bacteria etc?  While we like to think that dirt, animals, pests and bacteria do more harm than good it’s actually the opposite. When your children come into contact with these things in a natural way (outside) and on a regular basis, they are less likely to develop autoimmune disorders and allergies.

It is Not Too Cold To Play Outside

Provides Exercise.  Getting outside can provide your child with a fun way to exercise.  Simply moving around on a playground, riding bikes, playing tag with friends, building a snowman, sledding and having snowball fights are all forms of exercise.  The importance of exercise is a whole post of its own.

Outside Cold Play

Playing Outside in the Cold

Stimulates the Imagination.  When children are only exposed to videos, television programs and video games everything is being handed to them.  There is no room for your child to develop their own imagination.  When playing outside they have to create the world in which they are playing.  Turning the jungle gym into a castle they are escaping from, or using it to train for the next “American Ninja Warrior” competition, playing “cops and robbers” or pretending their bikes are cars and “driving around town” encourages children to use their creativity.

Play Outside in the Cold

It Promotes Problem Solving Skills.  Playing outside helps your child build important problem solving skills.  Not everyone can get along all the time. Playing outside with other children will help them if they’re learning how to get along with friends or trying to figure out the best way to build a fort.

It is not Too Cold To Play Outside

It Provides Vitamin D.  It’s important that your children get Vitamin D, which is provided by the sun. Vitamin D helps promote better moods, energy levels, memory, overall health and more. Just 10-15 minutes out in the sun will give your children their daily dose of Vitamin D.

Go Play outside in the Cold

Getting outside is a great way to combine all of these essentials into one to benefit your child’s health.  A great way to facilitate play outside is to create your own backyard obstacle course.  Here is a link for tips on creating your own obstacle course.

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