Infant & Toddler Physical Therapy

If your child is challenged from developmental issues, we can help! Individualized one on one sessions to help child achieve motor milestones, and to teach parents how to avoid future problems!

Who is best for this special program? – Child delayed in motor milestones, posture or neck asymmetry, discomfort with tummy time, not yet crawling, sitting or walking, decreased balance, or poor head positioning.

What should they expect to pay? CLICK NOW NOW!!!

What are the benefits and when are they realized? – Improved symmetry, improved range of motion, strength, balance, state of the art swings and equipment and personalized one on one care.

Be wary of… adult PT Offices who say they do pediatrics. Other places have new graduates treating your kids.

Act immediately! See instant results. We work with families on activities to help promote physical development. We specialize in pediatrics and will get the most out of your child!

Give us a call NOW to build your child’s confidence as soon as possible; avoid fostering frustration and promote a healthy lifestyle.

100% Money-Back Guarantee